Fulfilment centre Netherlands | Crossborder E- fulfilment (2024)

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Want to benefit from Active Ants’ automated e-fulfilment? We can take the entire logistics process off your hands, from storage, order picking and shipping to returns. In the Netherlands, we have branches in Nieuwegein and Roosendaal, with over 30,000 square metres of warehouse where our employees work together with the robots.

In just over 10 years, we have become a major player in the Dutch market. For more than 250 clients, we process over 5 million orders a year. Thanks to our packing machines and warehouse robots, we work efficiently and sustainably. And thanks to our extensive logistics network, orders placed before 23:59 are delivered the very next day in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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Nieuwegein is home to our first opened e-fulfilment centre. This is also where our head office is located. This site has an area of 11,000 m². The AutoStore, the first in the Netherlands, is filled with 78,000 stock bins and 88 storage robots drive around to pick the products. No carrier robots operate in Nieuwegein.

We use the CartonWrap packing machine at this location. This automatic machine cuts the cardboard for packaging to size, leaving as little air as possible. The other part of the packing process in Nieuwegein is done by our employees.

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The e-fulfilment centre in Roosendaal has an area of 20,000 m2. It was our first state-of-the-art innovative centre thanks to the deployment of an AutoStore with 98,000 storage bins and 100 storage robots. There are also 71 carrier robots driving around.

These carrier robots collect the ideal size box from the 1 of 3 automatic box erectors. The carrier robots drive this box to the employee at the Autostore who puts the products in the box. The carrier robot then drives to one of the 3 automatic packing machines. It seals the box to size, weighs the box, provides it with a shipping label and a personalised print.

The AutoStore

Active Ants operates in Nieuwegein and Roosendaal using the advanced AutoStore system from Norway. Hundreds of smart robots move across a framework containing stacked storage bins. As a result, your products are not only stored dust free, but also theftproof. Moreover, order picking is much more efficient with a very low error rate.

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Custom personalised packaging

Our packaging transports up to 40% less air and is impact resistant. In addition, we can apply your personalised print on the box. Do you sell extra-large products or have special packing requirements? In Nieuwegein, we have additional packing stations and storage space for this. So your packaging remains personal, even if you outsource your logistics to Active Ants.

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Sustainable fulfilment centre

Those who choose Active Ants choose efficiency, but also sustainability. Besides sustainable customised packaging, our fulfilment centre in Roosendaal runs on green energy generated by 14,000 solar panels on the roof. As a result, as in England, this site is BREAAM certified. This is the sustainability label for buildings with minimal impact on the earth.

Do you sell or produce organic products? As a Skal-certified company, Active Ants can store, process and ship organic items at high speed. So by working with us, you also retain your European quality mark.

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Compete in the Netherlands with fast shipping

The Netherlands is an international leader when it comes to e-commerce. Indeed, more than 9 in 10 Dutch people shop online. This is the highest share in the whole of Europe. So there are still plenty of opportunities for retailers domestically as well. However, with over 80,000 webshops, there is a lot of competition. And in terms of service, you can’t fall behind department stores like bol.com or Amazon.

We can help you take your service to the next level. With us, you can join forces with other retailers for fast delivery, real-time stock insight and sustainable fulfilment. In addition, with our fulfilment, you are back in control of your inventory, logistics and returns flow.

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Easily cross the border

Do you look beyond the Netherlands? With Active Ants, you can easily cross the border with your webshop. We have fulfilment centres in Belgium, Germany and the UK. In many European countries, we also cooperate with local carriers on attractive terms. This way, you can compete with local webshops and foreign countries are always within reach.

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Carriers of Active Ants

In the Netherlands, we work with the largest parcel carriers, from PostNL and DHL to DPD, GLS, UPS and FedEx.

Do you want to ship sustainably? Active Ants can also have your order delivered by Cycloon or to 1 of 8,000 PostNL and DHL parcel points. In Nieuwegein, there is the option of having your parcel collected until 22.00.

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Next-day delivery in the Netherlands and Belgium

If customers order from your webshop before 23:59, it will be delivered the next day in the Netherlands and Belgium. Because Active Ants does logistics for more than 250 retailers, we can have a later cut-off time. We also work until 1:00 every night, including on Saturdays and Sundays. So orders are also delivered next-day on weekends, if you so choose.

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Need personal advice? Please contact our fulfilment specialist David . He will review the situation with you. David can be reached by phone at +44 74 21 25 96 80.

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Fulfilment centre Netherlands | Crossborder E- fulfilment (2024)


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