Using Order Management (2024)

Use the Order Management statuses to monitor fulfillment for your sales order.

  • Order Management displays a separate status for the sales order, fulfillment line, fulfillment task, and orchestration process.
  • Each status indicates the progress of a sales order from beginning to end.
  • The statuses of the fulfillment lines, orchestration processes, and fulfillment tasks determine the sales order status.
  • You can use the Order Management work area to view the statuses.

Order Management sequentially evaluates each of the status conditions that a fulfillment line contains while it processes your sales order. Order Management uses the fulfillment line status that has moved the furthest in the sales order's life cycle to update the order status.

Where Order Management Displays Your Status


Where Displayed

Order Status

At the top of the Order page in the order title.

For example, the order status of this sales orderis Processing.

Order: Computer Service andRentals - 282079 - Processing

Fulfillment Line Status

In the Order Lines area of the Order page. For example,the status of this fulfillment line is Awaiting Shipping.

Item, AS54888 - Standard Desktop,Status, Awaiting Shipping

You can also click Actions> Switch to Fulfillment View to view the fulfillment linestatus.

Orchestration Process Status

In the Status field of the Orchestration Processpage.

For example, Awaiting Fulfillment.

Fulfillment Task Status

In the Status column of the Orchestration Plan tabof the Orchestration Process page.

For example, Awaiting Fulfillment.

Sales Order Status

Here's the general sequence that your sales order goes through.

Using Order Management (1)

Sales order status depends on the fulfillment linestatus.


Sales Order Status




You clicked Save to save the order to the databasebut haven't clicked Submit to submit it to order fulfillment. You canmodify a Draft order.

Draft displays only if you click Save. If you createa sales order without saving it, but click Submit instead, then thestatus goes to Processing.


Approval Pending

Order Management sent your sales order to a salesorder approver.

This status displays after you click Submit, butonly if your order administrator set up approvals.

For details, see Get Approvals for Sales Orders.



You clicked Submit, but Order Management hasn't deliveredall fulfillment lines to the customer.

You can't modify a Processing order, but you can revise it. For details, see Revise Sales Orders That You Already Submitted.



Order Management hasn't completed any fulfillmentlines.



Order Management has completed some, but not all,fulfillment lines.



Order Management completed all fulfillment lines. You can't modify a Closed order, but you can create a return order to return items from it. For details, see Return Sales Orders


Order Management might display some statuses only infrequently or never. For example, if your fulfillment system fulfills the fulfillment lines in a matter of seconds, then Order Management might not display the Open status or the Partial status at all. The status might go directly from Processing to Closed.

Your status might also display one of these values.

Sales Order Status



An earlier version of a revised order. For example,if you revise an existing sales order, then click Submit, then OrderManagement displays the earlier version of the sales order with astatus of Reference.

You can use sales orders that are in Reference status as an audit trail. Use them to see what the attribute values are for each version.


Order Management canceled all fulfillment lines.It also removed the sales order from order fulfillment and didn'treschedule it.

You can't submit a Canceled sales order to orderfulfillment.

If Order Management canceled only some fulfillmentlines, then it ignores the canceled fulfillment lines, and sets thestatus according to the fulfillment lines that are open.

Order Line Status

The order line status depends on the fulfillmentline status.

Order Line Status

Fulfillment Line Status


Order Management hasn't finished any fulfillment lines.


Order Management has finished some, but not all, fulfillment lines.


Order Management finished all fulfillment lines.

If the status of all the fulfillment lines in a sales order is Closed or Canceled, then you can't modify the Primary Salesperson attribute on order header.


Order Management canceled all fulfillment lines.

If Order Management canceled only some fulfillment lines, then it ignores the canceled fulfillment lines, and sets the status according to the fulfillment lines that are open.

Track Fulfillment Lines Through the FulfillmentLifecycle

  1. Go to the Order Management work area.

  2. On the Overview page, click Manage Fulfillment Lines.

  3. Search for your fulfillment line.

  4. In the search results, click the row that has your item.

  5. In the Attributes area, on theGeneral tab, notice that the Status attribute contains one of thesevalues.

    • Scheduled

    • Shipped

    • Awaiting Billing

    • Billed

    • Closed

    Your fulfillment line proceeds through each statussequentially during the fulfillment lifecycle.

    If you cancel the fulfillment line, then the statusis Canceled.


A sales order might go into backorder.

Order Management uses the Scheduled Ship Date to determine how long the order has been on backorder. For example, if the Scheduled Ship Date happened five days ago but Order Management hasn't shipped the order because inventory for an item isn't available, then the order has been on backorder for five days.

The Orders on Backorder area on the Overview page of the Order Management work area uses a bar chart to indicate how long each sales order has been on backorder. If the Scheduled Ship Date happens before the current date, and if inventory isn't available, then the Orders on Backorder area might use the Less Than 1 Day bar to indicate that the order has been on backorder for less than a day. The order will remain on this bar until Order Management ships the order, or until the Scheduled Ship Date happens at least one day after the current date.

Assume today's date is February 1 and the ScheduledShip Date is February 6. The order will remain in the Less Than 1Day bar until February 7. If Order Management hasn't shipped the orderby February 7, then the Orders on Backorder area will include theorder in the 1 to 3 Days bar.

Using Order Management (2024)


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